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Bee Removal

So you've got Bees on your property

We are pleased that most are concerned with the plight of the honey bee and don’t want to destroy them unnecessarily. You can scroll down to complete the form requesting help or read on to better understand this situation.

What's the best way to remove them?

 Open up the area that they are in and take out all the comb along with the bees.  Another method is to trap the bees inside and let their population dwindle on its own. However, this requires a lot of time and attention.

What kind of bees are they?

We often hear from people who are uncertain what type of insect they encounter in their yard. Refer to the visual below for a good representation of the types of stinging insects we have here in Middle Tennessee.  

Who can help?

Ratcliff Honey Farm is here to help!

We are generally available and will help as soon as possible.

Why not just kill them?

As beekeepers, we hate to see a thriving colony of bees killed. They provide a valuable service to you and your neighbors by pollinating plants in a wide area. However, as homeowners, we also understand your desire to keep the stinging insect population to a minimum around your family.

Removal Services

We remove from all sorts of places, including houses, offices, sheds, and even vehicles! Call Ratcliff Honey Farm for exceptional removal services!


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